The Agonising Ecstasy

PhotographerKaushik Ghosh
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryKolkata, India
Photo Date16-Nov-2015
Technical Info1/20, f/2.4, ISO125-iPhone 4S
Entry Description

This image was a quick cellphone camera capture as my wife, Priyanka was looking anxiously to our son who was born after struggling with cord around his neck for several hours. He stopped moving inside the womb for almost 10 hours and Priyanka was also becoming exhausted. Finally around 01.00am we decided to go for an emergency caesarian section before it would be too late. Severely gasping and grating, our son Aharshi was born at 02.42am and was shifted to NICU immediately for further management. Being a father I was ecstatic, but I could see the simultaneous ecstasy and agony of a mother in her eyes for the newborn.