PhotographerGermano Miele
Prize2nd Place in People / Portrait_P
City/CountryCotonou, Benin
Photo Date2015/2016
Entry Description

All the photogrpahs are captured around Africa, where I live. I tried to show by the children portraits the words they don't say. I want to dimostrate that sometimes the eyes speak more than mouth, cause sometimes it's not necessary to speak to show what we feel and what we want to say. I try you travelled by their looks around the places I saw and the experiences I did. The pictures show their souls in connection with mine.

About Photographer

I was born in Naples, but I live and travel around Africa since 2012. My pictures speak about the world I live day by day and in the same time speak about me. I'm not a profassional photographer, but one day I will be. "Behind a picture there are the eyes of a man, behind those eyes live his emotions"