Looking for myself

PhotographerYoshitaka Masuda
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryMitaka-city, Tokyo, Japan
Photo Date08/10/2014
Technical Infoinclude composite
Entry Description

It was two years ago, when I first met ‘K’, a ballet dancer. Her dance was very energetic. While the music played through headphones, she danced. It was as if her feelings exploded from the bottom of her heart. I see the inner conflict in her dance. She must be struggling to carve out a new future. Her dance is her own self. As she dances, her body and soul has become one and as one stronger. When the mind unites with the body, the soul gets to be released. And I feel some important messages are emitted from her. I think I need considerable energy to break my habitual way of living that I have had a long time and to get out of my shell. Now is the time for me to struggle and pursue a new life, like ‘K’.

About Photographer

Born in Tokyo in 1947. Joined:?Peripheral Visions? (Scar) 2018, ?Just in Time? (Gold) 2018,?The shape of things? (Wall) 2017, Portrait without face? (Hard worker) 2017 at ph21 gallery Budapest. SAMURAI FOTO exhibition Yokohama 2017 and 2018. JPCO member photo exhibition 2017,2016,2015 and 2014. Einstein Studio New Japan Photo 4 at IMA CONCEPT STORE TOKYO 2017. Book(e-book): SENTIMENTAL SHANGHAI/ Kindle Book. Photobook; ?The Atsuta Shrine? was selected to be shown at G Book Show in Brighton (One Eyed Jacks Gallery) England 2014. Onaeba vol.18,16 Yokohama.