Colorful Density = Insane + Rationality

PhotographerMatteo Vannini
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyMatteo Vannini
City/CountryCastel Maggiore, Italy
Photo Date02/03/2016
Entry Description

More than 7 million inhabitants, 6500 per square kilometer, 17,000 per square mile, Hong Kong is one of the cities with the highest density in the world. There are housing complexes, where, if you live on the ground floor, you never see the sunlight and you have to have lunch with the lights on. This Quarry Bay building, in the Hong Kong island, it is a good example. When the need reaches the insanity.

About Photographer

Matteo was born in Bologna in 1984, hungry for knowledge, growing with the philosophy of life: "When you think you know everything, it's time to learn". He graduated in 2003 and the same year he started traveling. From 2004 to 2010 has often been to Japan, where he fell in love with the oriental culture, tea and, especially, photography. In 2008 he bought his first digital SLR. He tried several cameras and lenses, but now prefers a Mirrorless Professional system by Fujifilm, which provides excellent quality while reducing weight and dimensions: the ideal combination to address every trip! Today he is focused on travel photography, architecture and landscape, constantly refining his own personal style. Recently he started his personal blog focused on travel and photography: http://Oby.Photography . Art lover, believes that (art) it is an escape from reality in which the author can express himself without worrying about the opinions of others. At most can be told: - "What can you do: it is an artist!"