Piercing the Darkness

PhotographerSusan S. Bank
Prize1st Place in Book(self-published) / Monograph
City/CountryPhiladelphia, United States
Photo DateMarch 1, 2016
Technical Info128 pp, 77 quad tones
Entry Description

Susan S. Bank peels away the veneer from that maddening, mythical port city of Havana with one eye on the Florida Straits. Havana, consistently inconsistent, is am imaginary urban paradise, where reality slips seamlessly into the surreal. By-passing worn out cliches, with her Leica M6, Bank uses iconic metaphors which illuminate a timeless narrative of passion, utopian dreams, and disappoints. In his essay, Waiting for the Invisible, John T. Hill, founding director of Yale MFA program in photography, writes: "Piercing the Darkness is a gem of haiku verses with all its profound and magical ambiguities of human nature".