It's better to make war at chess

PhotographerAngelo Marani
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyAngelo Marani Photography
City/CountryBologna, Italy
Photo DateSeptember 2013
Technical Info1/500 sec. f 2,8 24mm iso 200
Entry Description

A few steps away from the caos, in Paris, Place du Tertre, a war at chess is underway between two typical characters of the place. A stolen corner, near and far at the same time, in a place where the confusion is only reflected by the window.

About Photographer

Photography for me is the best way to comunicate with people, to share emotions, create links, to fall in love. The photographer as a poet or philosopher, examines the details of life, and savor every moment, able to look through all the moods. The camera then becomes a sort of time machine that freezes any person, thing, place, passion, joy, pain: perhaps even a magic wand with which to dominate reality.