Delivery Room Documentation

PhotographerSally Ann Field
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryLos Angeles, United States
Photo DateNovember 25, 2013
Entry Description

Momma and baby resting peacefully while Dad takes his first picture and I capture their first candid family photo.

About Photographer

Sally Ann Field was born in Sandusky, New York. She grew up in a creative household where the Polaroid was omnipresent. She moved to Florida to study design and became an award-winning art director and designer. She then relocated to Los Angeles and spent a decade as an art director and stylist, eventually moving behind the camera into commercial and fine art photography. Sally has exhibited widely in exhibitions at the Los Angeles Center of Photography, the Light Box Gallery, in Astoria, OR, the DNJ Gallery, Los Angeles, amongst others. Her work has been published in Don’t Take Pictures, Huffington Post, the Los Angeles Times, Feature Shoot, and Click Magazine. Sally’s photographs have garnered awards from Leica and she gives back to various organizations through her photographic efforts. Sally lives and works in Hollywood, California with her American Pit Bull Terrier (and muse) Delilah Bean Field.