The three of us

Photographerpascale zintzen
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryBrussels, Belgium
Photo DateMay 2014
Technical InfoIphone 6
Entry Description

This photography is part of a series that contemplates an evolving family. It is a reflexion on becoming a wife and a mother. The ingenuous pictures of this work talk about love, joy, sadness, fights, reconciliations, intimacy, loneliness, proud and fear... The blast of feelings during the first year of a baby, which is overwhelming.When I got surprisingly pregnant again two months after the birth of our first boy, this thematic simply became central and compulsive in my work. On this photography, the little boy seems to interrogate me and my "growing again" belly. I used a smartphone for this picture, the easiest way to be sure the photography is completely spontaneous. In parallel, the snapshots of this series are printed on Awagami paper, using Piezography process, in a search for a quasi-everlasting result.