Energy and sport

PhotographerGianni Canali
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryBergamo, Italy
Photo Date2015
Technical InfoDigital Shot Dslr Camera
Entry Description

The sport as a metaphor of energy with young athletes A campaign for a Energy Company

About Photographer

“I’ve always been restless, ever since I was a child, and this is reflected in my work. I hate routine, but love variety and change, considering this opportunity and giving me joy.” Gianni Canali discovered photography in his early twenties, and he soon realized it was not an ordinary passion. He started studying photography at IED in Milan, at the same time began work by photographing altarpieces, an experience that would inspire him – in terms of composition and the use of light – when he entered the world of corporate communications and advertising. People fascinate him, their behaviour, their changing faces, their sentiments, these non coded situations, and experimenting. Meticulous and technological, he personally handles post-production being convinced that achieving the best results means having control of all the stages of the creative process. In the past 25 years he worked for several companies and agencies in the corporate, people, portraits and landscape photography. Since a few years, directing movies completes his dreams and career in storytelling.