The Tides

PhotographerToby Trueman
Prize2nd Place in Nature / Other_N
City/CountryEast Linton, United Kingdom
Photo Date2015
Technical InfoFujiFilm X-T1, XF 18-55mm f2.8
Entry Description

The sea has always fascinated, enthralled and terrified mankind in equal measure. In the misty past, the effect of waves on the mind has lead to the creation of all manner of dark myths and violent legends. Modern times sees a reversal; the textures and shifting colour palette calming and bringing peace to the watcher. The coast offers a glimpse into a cycle that has been turning for millennia, a game of time, an equilibrium between fleeting and permanent. Ever using it's motion, the tide gradually eats away at the land until there is nothing left but horizon; an infinite distance, and a perfect balance between sky, sea and the deep rock upon which it flows.

About Photographer

The focus of my work is in exploring themes of wilderness, Scottish folklore, and escape from a connected society. The images embody the feelings of excitement and fear that come with exploration as a way of trying to capture the essence of escape from a world in which we are ever more connected to the map. While on the mountain, the Highland folklore that surrounds these locations helps to stir the imagination beyond reality. Occasionally I’ll aim to represent the idea of storytelling visually, with images finished to appear like a child's pop up book. The suggestion appeals to our daydreams; the child listening to story from a grandparent, the explorer wandering through the high hills, a fleeting moment in which all that exists is you and the rocky earth.