Cosmo Osaka

  • Photographer
    Claudio Beffa
  • Prize
    Honorable Mention
  • Date of Photograph
  • Technical Info
    Pentax K-3 + Pentax DA* 50-135

The skyline of Osaka with its many skyscrapers and highways, taken from the Suminoe ward. With this work I wanted to represent the modernity and the energy of a metropolis that never sleeps and that seems a robotic giant with its veins in which flows a glowing electric energy. To emphasize this concept I've color-graded the scene with a dominant and subtle "electric blue" tint. This picture is the result of the stitching of 10 vertical shots, taken with my Pentax K-3 and Pentax DA* 50-135mm F/2.8 lens mounted on a panoramic plate and calibrated on a nodal rail. The final result is a massive 115 Mpixel panorama (19900px x 5800px) that weighs more than 5 GBytes.

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