Dynamic reality

PhotographerAmos Nachoum
Prize1st Place in Nature / Underwater
City/CountryTel Aviv, Israel
Photo DateMarch 2012
Technical Info1/125, f-4 400 ISO
Entry Description

Understanding wildlife Behavior, Preparation and Passion – are the basic building blocks for working successfully with the camera in any wilderness and cold underwater in particular, since we are limited to only one camera and one lens at a time. The predation behavior of the Leopard seal is long and elaborate…from the ambush in the shallow water by a colony of young penguin chicks…moving back to the open water…the drowning of the penguin process is involve in a play time of catch and release…culminate in this apex moment of the already drowned penguin and still hungry Leopard seal…it took days of observation to pin point and action and about six hours of actual time on site from the start to end – in the freezing cold of Antarctic and in and out of the water… Antarctica