The ice smiles around you

PhotographerClaudio Cantadori
Prize1st Place in Book(self-published) / Nature
City/CountryParma, Italy
Photo Date15-20/02/16; 16-26/03/16
Technical InfoLEICA Q, Summilux28mm
Entry Description

I'am not afraid of the cold. Frost, snow, ice and icebergs make part of the world I love. The white and endeless horizons are my way to look at tomorrow.Heaven that I imagine is not noisy and colorful, but endeless, bright and transparent. As the views of nature that I dream. The photos were taken in South Iceland and in Antarctic Peninsula.

About Photographer

I'am a pediatrician and I have the passion for photography since the age of 12 years. I recently posted a collection of photos (portrait of african animals) with and I received many compliments on the Italian press, on the most important Italian magazine of artistic photography (Gente di fotografia) and on