Soul y Sombra

  • Photographer
    Fulvio Bugani
  • Company/Studios
    Foto Image
  • Date of Photograph

Cuba is a country much more complex than it is often described. A distracted and superficial eye might notice only poverty and backwardness, in addition to the beautiful landscape, or the wild nature, or the fantastic beaches. But the real treasure of the Country are the people themselves and their way of life. They are the “monument of Cuba”. Their spirit is what makes this place magic and it is what should be preserved as World Heritage. Their souls are bright, colorful and vibrant, made of rhythm, passion, easiness and strong contrasts. Features and shades that are not easy to show in a picture. This is the aim of my project on Cuba. Depicting everyday scenes in complex striking images where the light is a fundamental trait, being both the protagonist of the picture and the medium to capture the Cuban soul.

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