Cuba - This Moment, Exactly So

PhotographerLorne Resnick
Prize1st Place in Book / Other_B
City/CountryHollywood, United States
Photo Date1995-2015
Technical Info--
Entry Description

Cuba: This Moment, Exactly So. Being in Cuba feels like falling in love with the person you know you were meant to be with. It’s exhilarating and bewitching. During more than 50 trips to the island over the past 20 years, award-winning photographer Lorne Resnick has sought to capture the experience of being in Cuba; the result is a collection of moments filled with passion, desire, and laughter. Those moments, exactly so. Featuring over 250 extraordinary color and black-and-white photos, Cuba: This Moment, Exactly So provides a stunning portrait of the vitality of Cuban culture, the beauty of the island and the enduring spirit of the Cuban people. Organized around 32 micro-stories, uniquely printed on translucent paper, by two-time Pulitzer Prize–nominated author Brian Andreas, and featuring a foreword by celebrated author Pico Iyer. A limited edition versions of the book will include over 60 songs from the hottest bands bands in Cuba.

About Photographer

Los Angeles based photographer, Lorne Resnick, was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. His passion for travel and photography keeps him moving around the globe exploring different cultures and countries, capturing unique moments. His pursuit of unique and compelling images has led him to Papua New Guinea, Vietnam, Greenland, Cuba, China, across Europe and 22 countries in Africa. From his first book of photographs, “Live in Concert: 10 years of Rock and Roll”, published in 1987, to his latest fine art coffee table book on Cuba, (Cuba, This Moment, Exactly So) Resnick has always strived to create images that probe beyond the everyday facade to capture the essential meaning and character of his subjects. He has lived in Amsterdam for six years working on commercial projects and spent more than a year in each of Cuba and Africa working on long-term book projects. Resnick’s striking commercial and fine art images have been exhibited in galleries across Europe and America, and have been used commercially for annual reports, billboards, television, web sites and for worldwide advertising campaigns. He currently has eleven fine art posters published of his travel work. Resnick has won the Travel Photographer of the Year award, plus numerous commercial photography awards and now leads travel photography workshops around the world. The locations and schedules of which can be found here… |main website: | email: | Cuba book website: