Erasmusbridge Rotterdam

PhotographerMartijn Kort
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryHoofddorp, Netherlands
Photo Date15 may 2016
Technical InfoLong exposure
Entry Description

This year the Erasmusbridge celebrates it's 20th birthday. Because of this, the bridge is covered with orange flags. This breaks up the otherwise clean shape of the bridge. I wanted to get a series of the bridge for a long time. Now, with the support wires being less clean, I was able to get a shot that won't be seen an other time.

About Photographer

Airline pilot and photographer from the Netherlands. I try to capture the amazing views we encounter from the cockpit every day and share them with the world. In my architecture photography I love to use long exposure techniques. To me this adds an extra dynamic element in the photo to complement the architecture. I believe that after you learn how to see the light and the world around you as a photographer, you will get excited about it for the rest of your life.