Lorena & Renato

PhotographerJuan Salvarredy
Prize3rd Place in Sports / Court sports
CompanyJuan Salvarredy Photographer
City/CountrySão Paulo, Brazil
Photo Date31/05/2016
Technical InfoDigital Capture
Entry Description

Lorena is one of the young promises of the Brazilian Paralympic Team. This is a picture of of her and her guide Renato is part of a personal work that I am shooting with the Paralympic Team in São Paulo.

About Photographer

Born and raised in Buenos Aires, I am currently living in S?o Paulo Brazil. After attending Med school for a short period of time I decided to enter the world of photography, perceiving it not only as a means of expression but also as a way of life. I love what I do and I only do what I love, and that's the footprint I put to all that I do.