Prize3rd Place in Advertising / Self-Promotion
City/CountryCancun, Mexico
Photo DateApril 2016
Technical InfoCanon 5D MIII, 24-105mm
Entry Description

Dreams are a powerful source of inspiration. A blender of ideas, fears and desires with a touch of who we are. This images appear repeatedly in my dreams, enough to call my attention and bring them to life. I wanted to go as "natural" as possible. Finding new ways to create images and not depending so much on the post-production. My goal was to achieve all the effects for real on camera: If I needed a cloudy sky, I went on location. If I needed fog, I used Dry Ice. If I needed a ancient ruin, I builded my self, and so on. Soon I found my self doing things that I had forgotten or that I never thought I could be able to do, and of course, by doing them, it opened a new door for me… One new door full of possibilities for creation. Images are done using scale models/toys on location or studio.