Daily life in rural China during the Olympic Games

  • Photographer
    marrigje de maar
  • Prize
    2nd Place / Architecture/Interiors
  • Date of Photograph
    August-September 2008
  • Technical Info
    Hasselblad, analoge

Interiors tell stories about people. In public space people follow the global trends and fashions. In their homes they tend to make other choices. The private space is the only place where we are ourselves.The personal story is told inside the privacy of our home. I never travel along a pre-fixed route. My trips are guided by intuition and by experiences along the way. Roads that attract me, people I meet and stories I hear. The doors I choose to knock on rarely hold a clue about what I may find inside. I never visualize anything beforehand and my pictures reflect my first impressions. The image comes alive in the existing light. Many of my interiors give evidence of a frugile life, of inhabitants who are able to make their personalities known with only a few means. In my work I concentrate on this authenticity and dignity. My pictures tell a story about these people, a story that reaches beyond material reality.

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