the songkran.

PhotographerYEOLHOI KOO
Prize3rd Place in Event / Traditions and Cultures
City/CountryBucheonsi, Korea, Republic of
Photo DateFeb 2016.
Technical InfoLeica digital
Entry Description

the songkran is a kind of new year celebration in thai. its forms are so divergent according to regional characteristics. however, the penetrative one homogeneous through all of them is the WATER. in this period, when the heat of a day had let up a bit as the evening came, people started a water preparation for the main event of songkran. the ways to spray water were so various depending on regional characteristics. in this area, however, in spite of its formal differences, the common sense through all of them came from he washing away sins by cleaning by pouting water Buddha statues. also, such like any other ceremonies or festivals, people enjoyed the finale. after the main event, people sprayed water on others. because it was about the sunset, the fantastic light covered all of things and people.