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SankShuned A Photography Art Book

  • Photographer
    William Perrigen
  • Company/Studio
    Sitazen Blake Photography
  • Date of Photograph
    February 2016

SankShuned is a photography art book created to showcase my photography and other artistic expressions. SankShuned Volume Two, titled “The Journey” was published in February, 2016. Where Volume One takes you around the world and introduces you to my style of photography, Volume Two features Baltimore and Washington DC. The second edition delves deeper into my creativity by incorporating the Aurasma application, to create a unique, multi-media experience. Aurasma enables my photography to come alive with any mobile device. In Volume Two, you will experience a wide range of cultural imagery; from murals, and music, to poetry, dance and African tribal art. The cover image for SankShuned Volume Two is a photograph of a sculpture by world renowned artist Woodrow Nash. The image was chosen to represent Trayvon Martin for the Black Lives Matter virtual experience which concludes the journey captured in this issue.

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