The Big Valley

  • Photographer
    Alex Prager
  • Prize
    3rd Place / Fine Art/Portrait
  • Company/Studios
    Alex Prager
  • Date of Photograph
  • Technical Info
    Digital C Prints

"Alex Prager's cinematic and darkly playful characters inhabit a world of her creation. Photographing her female subjects in a eerie style reminiscent of film directors from Hitchcock to David Lynch, Prager's girls are temptresses that could incite danger at any moment. Shot from extreme angles and dramatically lit, she creates the sense there is action preceding and following the captured frame that we are not privy to, luring the viewer into the heroine's own moment of intrigue or peril. On the surface her models appear polished and confectionery but something is amiss, creating a utopia sprung with tension with the audience as voyeurs. Prager has already established her signature style - a highly saturated naïve colour palette, synthetic wigs, retro costumes, and meticulously placed subjects in Californian environs. "

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