The Thirst of Bundelkhand

PhotographerJAYATI SAHA
Prize2nd Place in Editorial / Environmental
City/CountryKolkata, India
Photo Date21/5/2016;23/5/2016;27/5/2016
Technical InfoNikon D800 Nikkor24-70mmf/2.8
Entry Description

“We don’t know how we are surviving and how long we will survive”, said Phoolchand with his voice dripping with resignation. Bundelkhand Region, covering a part of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh missed 3 seasons of monsoons and all around there are endless eerily empty fields. Lakes, rivers and wells have dried up. Unchecked exploitation of ground water is playing havoc with the environment. Trees are dead. Occasional arrival of a water-tanker in a village leads to a mad scramble. Agile children climb atop the tanker to insert the pipeline of their family. Anxious mothers wait below at the other end of the pipe, inserted into water vessels for much needed basic requirement of life. The other side of this horror is that there is no vegetation and without food and water, thousands of cattle are dying. The countryside smells of rotting flesh and is sculptured by animal bones.

About Photographer

A split second storyteller who tells stories without saying a single word, photo-artist Jayati Saha of India amazes with her frames of nuanced light and shadow, seamlessly fusing her art with technical finesse. Exhibited and owned worldwide, Jayati is a much-in-demand artist, teacher and competition judge. Jayati’s extremely sensitive eye has captured moments glistening with human emotions and her forte is seeing the unseen and the unnoticed. Based out of Kolkata, India, Jayati is peripatetic and her journeys have taken her to the India not known or seen by many. She is also a contributor at the Getty Images Inc., USA. She was the adjudicator at the Photography competition hosted by the SAARC , 2015 Exhibitions • India Angles 2010 - Indian Council of Cultural Relations, Kolkata, India • Namaste India, 2011 - Bucharest, Romania • Colours and People 2012 – Calcutta Information Centre, Kolkata, India • Travel Photographer Asia 2015 – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia • Celebrating Life with Colours 2015 –J D A Perera Gallery, University of Visual and Performing Arts, Colombo; Harold Peiris Gallery, Lionel Wendt Memorial Art Centre, Colombo; Art Gallery of University of Kelaniya, Colombo. Publication • Life Force Magazine – Gujjars of Devmali • Life Force Magazine – The Story of Holi • Photojournale – Labour of Faith • Private Photo Review - Ashabari – Home of Hope • Jara Parijayee (Print Magazine)– Pingal Paharer Debota (Lord of the Yellow Mountain) • Outlook (Print Magazine)- The Thirst of Drought • Mail Today • First Post • Classic Imaging (print) Magazine - Little Train from memory lane. • Classic Imaging (print) Magazine - The Dying Art of Dyeing