L'Ufficio - Arabesque

PhotographerKris Anthony Romblon
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyAnthony Romblon Photography
City/CountrySan Pedro, Philippines
Photo DateJanuary-March, 2016
Technical InfoCanon EF-S 760D, Canon 10-18mm
Entry Description

The series aims to showcase the unique design of thee different office towers in Doha, Qatar. Black and white was the chosen medium in order to accentuate better the beautiful designs of each building.

About Photographer

Anthony is a Qatar based photographer who specializes in Architecture, Exterior, Fine Art as well as Black and White photography. He was originally from the tropical island of the Philippines who decided to then venture outside of his comfort zone in order to work at the Gulf city of Doha, Qatar. What started as a hobby during his off days from work during the early months of 2015 is now his means of expressing into digital art the beauty that he sees through the lens of his camera. Anthony is known for immortalizing the uniqueness of the modern architecture of his host country, either in stunning color or in ethereal monochrome. Each photograph is made with great attention to detail while maintaining his signature style of putting different moments of time into a single photo.