The shared suffering

PhotographerSergio Delle Vedove
Prize1st Place in Event
CompanyDelle Vedove Sergio ph
City/CountryMoruzzo, Italy
Photo DateAugust 2015
Technical InfoB&W digital photos
Entry Description

I approached with the fear that invaded my photograph so unacceptable their pain. But openness and extreme sense of hospitality of these people welcomed me in their grief in a dignified and generous manner. Gradually I felt emotionally involved in this event succeeding so deeply to get close to the time that I wanted to describe. Maramures (Romania)

About Photographer

Born in Udine (Italy) 1961, I have studied at Venice Fine Arts Institute (Italy) in the late of 70's. Became interested in social photography and reportage (in those years essentially black and white). Over the years I have expanded my interests experimenting in various fields such as still life, portraits, fashion photography, beauty and fine art.My photos have been published in several newspapers and magazines, including The Guardian, Daily Telegraph, The Sun and Vogue Italia. I have taken part in several exhibitions and competitions, and received awards both locally, nationally and internationally awards.