Retro Buildings

PhotographerAndrew Kow CM
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountrySingapore, Singapore
Photo Date17/07/2016
Entry Description

Shophouses built between 1900-1960s in South East Asia are getting lesser as well as Singapore, A developed country island with many high rise residential and commercial buildings in the limited land available. Building are getting higher and shophouse remain about 2-3 stores. I had this idea of making shophouses into super high rise buildings above the clouds that bring the unique shophouses to stand out. I was walking around the street and making differents angle of pictures to the shophouses putting all in Photoshop.

About Photographer

He is a photography enthusiast since high school with his first point and shoot digital camera.He found his passion in photography during the photography class at college, from there he learnt about technical stuff and used to try different type of film and Lomo cameras to experiment the outcomes of image. After graduated, he wanted to explore more in the art of compositing so he work in post production field. With his passion in Photography and Compositing, he creates composite images to depict his imagination from the daily life's inspiration during the free time. He is now a Professional Compositor and Amateur Photographer