Augmented Reality- Perfectly Imperfect

PhotographerAlissa Rosenberg
Prize3rd Place in People / Lifestyle
City/CountryCommack, United States
Photo Date2014-2016
Technical InfoDigital Photography
Entry Description

An exploration through satire of how billboard advertisement messages using life size celebrities and models are transformed once we insert a real life person. Billboards and advertisements in our digital world are so common and have blended so deep into our culture and society that they have become part of our visual landscape and almost go unnoticed, especially in urban environments where they are literally plastered all over the streets. Advertisement images are deliberate messages that subliminally help to dictate our subconscious mind to define what our reality should look like, feel like, be like. These messages are inferred via body language, facial expression and the text used in the advertisement with the intent for the passerby’s subconscious to go out and buy something, go somewhere or to do something. However, once we add the unexpected human element into the scene we can quickly alter the text and body language to take on a new meaning, often times with humor, to help remind us that we live perfectly imperfect lives.

About Photographer

Alissa Rosenberg a self taught, award winning landscape and creative photographer from New York with a passion for waterdrops, the outdoors, portraits and music photography. Her photographs have been published in numerous publications and have also been used in a national advertising campaign. Alissa's photographs have been displayed and won awards in Juried Gallery Shows in New York City, Long Island and Maine. Her main focus is on creating images that tell a story and impact the viewer.