3rd Place / People / Self-Portrait

The Dark Ages

  • Photographer
    Ghada Khunji
  • Date of Photograph
  • Technical Info
    canvas print, lace, wood,

In this new series, a far departure from my usual unadulterated mili second moment of documentary, I’m not only exploring my vantage point on Islam but more importantly, how our minds have become so accustomed to certain symbols that we forget to see what’s on the surface. One layer is put on top of another and at some point it gets so multi layered that each one distorts it even further. It’s like the photoshop process I’m using currently. These pieces are my self portraits, like they always are, a reflection of myself and this World I encompass. I feel ready to expose my identity as a human, a woman, a muslim and so on. This is merely my view point, my personal menagerie of moments, thoughts, fears and experiences that have ushered me along. After all, God is in all of us.

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