A Village Under Siege

PhotographerLuke Duggleby
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyLuke Duggleby Photography
City/CountryBangkok, Thailand
Photo DateMay 2016
Entry Description

For almost a decade the villagers of Klong Sai Pattana in Southern Thailand have been on the receiving end of a palm oil company, who’s land concession has already expired 10 years ago, wants them off the land and will do almost anything to remove them. To date 4 people have been shot dead, including 2 women, and a fifth was shot and wounded but survived this year. But the villagers refuse to leave forming a tight-knit community that simply wants to grow food and live in peace. With palm oil and rubber using massive areas of land in Southern Thailand there is a serious issue with landless farmers, those that having been evicted or forced to leave their land due to economic hardship now have no where to grow crops and make a living. To this day they continue to fight against eviction.

About Photographer

Luke Duggleby is an award-winning freelance British photographer specialising in Asia. After completing a degree in Photography in the UK he moved to Asia, first China and then to Bangkok, Thailand, where he have been based for 12 years. He travels around the continent, and further afield, shooting travel, portraiture and editorial assignments as well as personal documentaries for some of the worlds biggest names in media and NGO’s. CLIENTS: The Sunday Times Magazine (UK), National Geographic Magazine, The Smithsonian Magazine, WWF, The Guardian Magazine, Chrysler, The Guardian Magazine, Stern, Monocle, WHO, TIME, GEO France, PepsiCo, GEO Germany, Greenpeace, The New York Times, Geographical Magazine (UK), Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, Protection International, USAID, Gain Alliance, UNDP, Die Zeit Magazine.