Plankton’s Unique Design in Black Water

PhotographerKei Nomiyama
Prize1st Place in Nature / Underwater
City/CountryMatsuyama, Japan
Photo DateMarch to June, 2012-2016
Technical InfoUnderwater photo
Entry Description

The Creatures of the sea often look like creatures from space, which explains why the queen xenomorph in Alien bears more than a passing resemblance to the plankton Phronima sedentaria. I have spent five years shooting all manner of miniature monsters for series Blackwater. I tend to work on Omi Island in Yamaguchi Prefecture, where springtime brings an upwelling that pushes warmer water out from shore while drawing colder water in from below. This water teems with minuscule marine life. These themes subjects are plankton and other tiny creatures, things like krill (holoplankton) and larval fish and crustaceans (meroplankton). Tiny as they may be, I find them fascinating.

About Photographer

I'm taking a photo of beautiful nature and wildlife of all over the world while of studying environmental pollution problem. Especially an underwater photograph is my lifework. Moreover, I have challenged various nature photographs, such as a firefly, the snow monkey and whales. Please see the wonderful nature photos of the world. These nature photos are exhibited by many news, media, and websites of all over the world.