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Monk Of Ya Qing Monastery

  • Photographer
    David Nam Lip LEE
  • Date of Photograph
    May 2016

During the photography expedition to SiZhuan Province of China, I'm fortunately granted an interview with Lezhiduojie Rinpoche, the most respectable Living Buddha in Sertar and Zamtang County. A private ceremony at a height of 4000m above the sea level, Lezhiduojie Rinpoche had personally hanging the Tibetan prayer frags, Streamer and spreading the “Chanting Paper” for blessing the peace of the world. At Ya Qing Monastery, monks and believers were there for a dharma assembly. A woman with her child was looking for a seat under the sun during ritual ceremony. The young brothers try to escape from the hot sun after getting some water. A little monk felt shy when passing in front of us. Young monk need to carry out body fitness for a healthy lifestyle.

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