Monk Of Ya Qing Monastery

PhotographerDavid Nam Lip LEE
Prize3rd Place in Event / Other_ev
City/CountryKota Kinabalu, Malaysia
Photo DateMay 2016
Entry Description

During the photography expedition to SiZhuan Province of China, I'm fortunately granted an interview with Lezhiduojie Rinpoche, the most respectable Living Buddha in Sertar and Zamtang County. A private ceremony at a height of 4000m above the sea level, Lezhiduojie Rinpoche had personally hanging the Tibetan prayer frags, Streamer and spreading the “Chanting Paper” for blessing the peace of the world. At Ya Qing Monastery, monks and believers were there for a dharma assembly. A woman with her child was looking for a seat under the sun during ritual ceremony. The young brothers try to escape from the hot sun after getting some water. A little monk felt shy when passing in front of us. Young monk need to carry out body fitness for a healthy lifestyle.

About Photographer

Portfolio I am David Nam Lip LEE, born on 2 May, 1976, in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Sabah is a state of Malaysia, and we also called it as “Land Below the Wind” because it lies below the typhoon belt. I completed my primary and secondary study in my hometown. I did my undergraduate studies major in construction management and economics at Curtin University of Technology, Australia. After the graduation, I worked as a manager in a seafood restaurant at my hometown. I love photography since I was eighteen years old. I hardly gain knowledge about photography because it was a costly hobby on those days. My loves to capture images never change but I don’t know how good my images were. I joined my first photography workshop in 2014, which organized by Mr. Danny Yen Sin WONG. He guided me from a snapshot photographer to become an artist who active in international competition and exhibition. My passion to photography has changed my view to the world. I travel to different countries, and documented my exploration by camera. I love to photograph human interest and cultural of people. As a wildlife photographer, I learn how to respect the mother-nature and behavior of animals. Continuous learning and gain advises from experienced photographers have improved my skills and knowledge. I know I need a new direction for my photography dream. My goal is to show people with images that can warm their hearth. Award & Nomination ➢ 14th ANNUAL LUCIE AWARDS Discovery Of The Year ➢ 2016 INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS™ (IPA) Special Photographer of the Year - “Time to Rush Home” - Special First Place - “Time to Rush Home” - Special: Travel/Tourism Third Place – “Monk Of Ya Qing Monastery” - Other Honourable Mention Award - “Pray” – People: Lifestyle Honourable Mention Award - “Pray” – Special: Travel/Tourism Honourable Mention Award - “Shadow” – People: Lifestyle Honourable Mention Award - “Shadow” – People: Children Honourable Mention Award - “Are You Crazy” – People: Children Honourable Mention Award - “Mama In The Kitchen” – People: Lifestyl ➢ Siena International Photo Awards 2016 Remarkable Artwork Award - ''Time to go home 07'' Outcome based on the incredible quality of the 45,000 images registered to the Siena International Photo Awards 2016 with participants coming from 127 countries around the world. ➢ The 2016 National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Finalist - “Over Crowded Train” The photo artwork was featured in CNN and BBC News on May 26, 2016. It was also exhibited at Everyman Cinema, King Cross Station London. ➢ The Prix de la Photographie, Paris (Px3) 2016 Competition Gold Award - “Time to Rush Home” - Fine Art / People Honourable Mention Award - “Documentary of Ya Qing Monastery” Honourable Mention Award - “Time to Rush Home” Professional Memberships ➢ Director of Who’s Who in the Nature Division of The Photographic Society of America (PSA) since 2015 ➢ Awarded Silver PSA Portfolios Distinctions in 2016 ➢ Achieved a Recognition of Photographic Achievement (ROPA) with Proficiency (PPSA) in 2016 ➢ Awarded Exhibitor Distinctions (Bronze Exhibitor) of The Photographic Society of Singapore ➢ Achieved a Global Photographic Union (GPU) distinction “Crown 2” in 2015