3rd Place / Editorial / Environmental

Symbiosis of working and living

  • Photographer
    Alina Fedorenko
  • Company/Studio
  • Date of Photograph
  • Technical Info
    canon mark III

Disappearing identity Everytime I passing your world I stop and stare, I wish I could be a part of it at least for a second, to be involved, to feel the differences and to understand! I wish I could speak to you, I wish I could share a minute with you, I wish I could understand you, I wish I could tell you how excited I am to meet you! There is this door or window between you and me, it seams to be insuperable! Please let me in, I whisper soundless on the other side, what will you think? What if you don't understand or even worst missunderstand me? I don't wanna be respectless or give you a strange feeling! I take a deep breath, one more I feel paralysed... I close my eyes and open the door. The only thing I have is one or two seconds


Chinas cities are growing very fast, new high buildings are replacing old small areas and create space for the growing population. Many people see their chance in the bigger cities and moving from the rural areas. Space become more and more rare, for small old traditional buildings are no space left. China is transforming with positiv and negativ consequences, people get the chance to move in new build homes with modern water supply and modern sanitary facilities, but also loose their traditional way of living. Many people still fight for habitat conservation of homes where they were born, worked the hole live, raised and now raising the next generation, but mostly, after the space of this ares are sold, people are regardless relocated by the government. China still have some old small buildings and areas left where people still live and try to survive in this new built concrete jungle. Some of the areas are protected to safe the traditions of china and some are disappearing soon. My work is concentrate of exploring and showing this small areas and buildings which are left in the big cities, where families still living and working in one space. It emerge a beautiful symbiosis from people working and living in their available space. Soon most of them will be gone, most of them will live like other chinese in high build homes anonym behind walls. This is my personal fascination of people in china, the way they try to survive without loosing important prenciple of family traditions.

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