Curved Lines Straight | Krzywe Linie Proste

PhotographerRobert Jachim
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountrySzczecin, Poland
Photo Date2015
Technical InfoCanon 5D MKI + Sigma 28mm
Entry Description

Robert Jachim – Born in 1974, a street photographer in Szczecin. He observes and perpetuates everyday lives of people, how they act, their emotions – catching their souls. In a busy place he can see things that seem invisible to most , invisible until he photographs them. Photography is his passion and he implements it with his heart. His creative perspective allowed him to make a long-term project which shows a distinct look at the streets of a city. He called it „Curved Lines Straight”. In this project he strives to show us his hometown in a very specific way, which makes the viewer think about the frame, which is not always obvious, about the technique used to take the photo . At the same time her tries to take the viewer into an unknown world, an unusual, mysterious and fascinating one. Using his photography.