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Don't Believe Black Magic

  • Photographer
    Hwayoung LIM
  • Date of Photograph

On October 21, 2011 in Mbizi Village, Kahama District, Shinyanga Region, a 15 year old girl with albinism by the name of Kulwa was attacked at her home. She had been attacked at around 1:00 AM by three masked men. Kulwa had been sleeping with another sibling in a shed near the main house. The three assailants managed to open the door without force and, knowing exactly where Kulwa was sleeping, used a machete to hack off her arm above the elbow. In response to her screaming, the father came out of the main house but was immediately attacked by one of the masked men. The mother also tried to rescue Kulwa but it was too late. She saw the men disappearing with her daughter’s arm wrapped in one of the men’s coats. She said ‘I begged them not to take my arm away and called out for help.’

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