3rd Place / Event / Social Cause

The Battle of St. Schuman

  • Photographer
    Andrea RICCI
  • Date of Photograph
  • Technical Info

On 7 September 2015, thousands of European farmers meet in Brussels calling for remunerative prices A 4,800 people on foot and 385 tractors procession arrives in front of the European institutions, according to the spokesman of the Brussels police. Quickly clashes erupt between activists and police. The police charges and uses tear gas against farmers grouped on the Schuman roundabout. These aim at agents with all sorts of projectiles, including paving stones torn from the ground and bottles. Water cannons are used in an attempt to disperse the protesters and extinguish flames. Epic scenes unfold in the heart of the European institutions. It feels like being in Euromaidan. The spectacular clashes, black smoke, and the organised ranges of militants and police, generate the impression that a modern Battle of San Romano (Paolo Uccello 1438) has materialised at the core of the EU institutions.

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