The Walking Dead

PhotographerYana Vasilyeva
Prize2nd Place in Fine Art / Still Life
City/CountryKrasnodar, Russian Federation
Photo Date12/20/2015
Entry Description

In 'The Walking Dead' series, the indifference is shown through fundamentals of our existence, the human-nature relationship. It’s the act of examining reality, steeping out of the comfort zone to feel the world around, understand transience of life, fragility of our presence. The emptiness of society in which one cannot feel one's existence, becoming numb, putting the senses on hold, having the overwhelming desire for power and success at any cost. Spiritual apathy, insensitivity to sufferings of others, social autism, innate lack of ability to compassionate - this is the disease diagnosis of the society, crisp land of desensitization. Are we those empty inside walking corps? The forward-looking optimism can be found in the work by experiencing naked raw feelings through given new life to a dead subject to see beauty not just in decay, yet in simplicity of nature's magnificence under our feet, in pain and in joy.

About Photographer

Portrait and fine art photographer covering social, psychological, environmental aspects based on contemporary issues in the world.