Floating The Buddha

PhotographerJoanne Handley
Prize2nd Place in Fine Art / Landscape
City/CountryThirroul, Australia
Photo Date2016
Technical InfoDigital SLR
Entry Description

A recent three month residency in downtown Los Angeles enabled me the opportunity to forage amidst remote and abandoned sites of unused high-rise rooftops. This elevated world of surreal landscapes and monolithic structures appears as an alternate universe, light years away from the hypnotic pace of city life below. Leaving its impression on every image was the unmissable gradient sky. Iconic, prescient and in so many ways emblematic of this sun drenched town. These photographs are part of the series 'When people build fences’, which borrows its name from Rousseau’s definition of civilisation and draws our attention to unexpected portals of illusionist spaces within the cityscape. The series reflects upon the provisions of being human in a civilised environment — the collective determination to claim, conquer and construct and its accompanying illusions of freedom.

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