inner trip.

PhotographerFelix Hernandez
Prize2nd Place in Special / Other_S
City/CountryCancun, Mexico
Photo DateAugust 2016
Technical InfoStudio 24-105mm light painting
Entry Description

Dreams are a powerful source of inspiration. A blender of ideas, fears and desires with a touch of who we are. This image appears repeatedly in my dreams, enough to call my attention and bring it to life. I wanted to go as "natural" as possible finding new ways to create images. My goal was to achieve all the effects for real on camera: "Inner Trip" was shot at studio portraying a scaled model car that I builded my self. The scene was also done at the studio building a diorama. This was a 1 minute long exposure photograph and was light painted all in one shot with a small LED lantern. Background Milky way is from a second shot an inserted in post. Soon I found my self doing new things and opening a big door full of possibilities for creation.