Self Untitled

PhotographerSamantha Geballe
Prize1st Place in People / Self-Portrait
City/CountryLos Angeles, United States
Photo Date2014-
Technical InfoDigital capture
Entry Description

This is not another fat kid’s story.  There are times when I do assume that role but it does not define me.  I don’t have the body I have for no reason but it would be all too easy to extend blame.  What people don’t often see are the functions of obesity.  I hide behind my size, mask vulnerabilities, and create walls as a way to protect myself.  Something I have learned and portray in my art is that being vulnerable and forming connection have created new function and even healing.  I share my body and my story not as a way to seek pity or define myself as a number, but as a venue for a viewer to say “I’ve been there too.”