Black mamba in the mist

PhotographerJo Fragozo
Prize2nd Place in Nature / Wildlife
CompanyIndependent photographer
City/CountryParede, Portugal
Photo Date11-02-2016
Technical InfoISO1000|200mm|f/2.8|1/750sec
Entry Description

The black mamba is rated among the fastest land snakes in the world. Capable of lightning fast strikes and possessing one of the most toxic concoction of enzymes and proteins available in the reptile world. Huge volumes of potent neuro toxic venom makes this snake the most feared serpent in Africa and rated by many experts world wide as the most dangerous snake on the planet. Therefore, photographing a black mamba in its natural habitat is quite a challenge and this photo was only possible with the help and assistance of Neville Wolmarans and Helen Bauermeister, two experienced snake experts from Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa.

About Photographer

I am a wildlife photographer and a safari tour guide.