Everyday And Epic

PhotographerAnna Zandman
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryLondon, United Kingdom
Photo DateMay 2016
Technical InfoStudio Shoot with Canon Camera
Entry Description

For The Everyday and The Epic Unit I had explored the theme of Uncanny in Contemporary Fashion Photography. The images that were created supposed to make the viewer feeling uncomfortable and strangely unfamiliar with what would seems to be clear and classic fashion imaginary at first glaze. I had played with traditional Russian beauty believes and remedies that would not be usually captured in fashion photography. The Uncanny effect appeared from the images after I substituted the most obvious items of everyday routine to a signifier if traditional Russian culture. Such as having model brushing teeth with caviar instead of normal tooth paste, shave armpits with sour cream instead of shaving cream, holding pancake covered in jam instead of tampon in blood, doing manicure in canned fish instead of water with essential oils and so on.