Norrköping Industrial Landscape

PhotographerFabrizio Intonti
Prize2nd Place in Architecture / Industrial
City/CountryRome, Italy
Photo Date2016
Technical Infodigital capture
Entry Description

Norrköping is a swedish city where several hundred years ago a number of factories were built along its river (Strömmen). Imposing factory buildings took shape, providing many of the inhabitants with work. But the latter part of the 20th century marked the end of an era and the factories were closed down and stood empty. The power of the impressive industrial buildings remained as did the memory of their flourishing history, and an extensive renovation and transformation got underway. The Industrial Landscape is once again the hub of the city, though production has been replaced by knowledgebased business (university, museums, concert hall etc) So in this series I tried to capture this particular duplicity of Norrkoping as an integration model of urban landscape that merge nature (water, river) and human activity (factory), past and future.

About Photographer

My photographic research aimes to explore the fine art photography, toward the contamination of languages. I use to work with both digital and traditional processes.