Arctic Moments

PhotographerEdwin Martinez
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryManila, Philippines
Photo DateSeptember 7, 2016
Technical Info400mm, 1/3200, f8, iso1250
Entry Description

On September 10 2016, Arctic sea ice extent stood at 4.14 million square kilometers (1.60 million square miles). This appears to have been the lowest extent of the year and is tied with 2007 as the second lowest extent on record. This year’s minimum extent is 750,000 square kilometers (290,000 square miles) above the record low set in 2012 and is well below the two standard deviation range for the 37-year satellite record. Polar bears are greatly affected, their ability to hunt in sea ice decreases and they have to hunt in nearby islets which makes their hunting more difficult as they rely on stealth.