Mentawai Islands - Tsunami

PhotographerRussell Ord
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryMargaret River, Australia
Photo Date15/09/13
Technical InfoPhase One IQ160 - 28mm
Entry Description

The aftermath of the Sumatra earthquake and tsunami which killed more than 500 people and displaced more than 20,000, this island was once dense forest growth now part of the Indian Ocean, the rise of Oceans around the world is certainly a major concern for villages situated on sea level islands.

About Photographer

Russell Ord is one of Western Australia’s most prolific surf photographers and his spectacular photography has won him worldwide recognition. Originally a fire fighter, Russell discovered surf photography when he suffered a surfing injury and he decided to pick up a camera to document life around the ocean. His drive to capture that one special image is unyielding, and the journey to that place is something that Russell is totally committed to. Russell is renowned for his tenacity, tackling some of the heaviest waves and extreme weather conditions available. His experience and technical ability enable him to capture the most incredible, dramatic images through his lens. Russell’s images are amongst the most iconic surf photography captured. Russell’s main focus is surf and ocean photography, however he has a huge library of images covering surf, ocean, community and lifestyle shots, demonstrating his flexibility and talent as a photographer. Russell’s images have been featured across a broad range of surf journalism editorially and commercially; his clients include Red Bull, Oakley, Patagonia, Dragon Eyewear, Mastercard and Reef Clothing. Russell was chosen as Unit Stills Photographer when Hollywood came to Margaret River to film the surf movie ‘Drift’ and has recently been announced as International Sports Photographer of the Year at the Lucie Foundation International Photography Awards. 2017 sees a wealth of new opportunity for Russell. Always looking for a challenge and setting new personal goals for himself, his love of the ocean has driven him to plan an incredible journey with his family navigating an Ex-Navy Gun Ship throughout the Pacific Ocean, this begins in New Zealand where he will be based for the majority of the year, a journey towards the end. The purpose of this trip is to document life in and around the Pacific Ocean, providing the content to bring awareness to each region’s different needs and environmental concerns, and to provide a platform for people and organisations to continue their not-for-profit work. As Russell says ‘Water is Freedom’.