expulsion from paradise

PhotographerDaisuke Akita & honey & bunny
PrizeHonorable Mention
Companyhoney & bunny
City/CountryWien, Austria
Photo DateSeptember 2016
Technical Infodigital photography
Entry Description

What, when, how, and why we eat can trigger climate change. The questions that interest us about daily food consumption have nothing to do with diets, recipes, or gourmet reviews but rather with CO2 emissions, fracking, or genetic engineering. Each bite is culture. Each swallow is politics. We want to position food as an essential, political theme at the center of society because daily calorie intake is not just a matter of pleasure and taste; it also reflects a society’s attitude toward life and how it thinks. Food in western industrial countries follow the notions of a centralized, industrial society. We eat industrial design. This system of monocultures, mass production, warehouses, and fully stocked suburban supermarkets was neither created nor is it suited for sustainable food products. The system of food supply in the Western, civilized world contradicts biodiversity, sustainability, and our responsibility to future generations.