Heart of the ecosystem

PhotographerJasper Doest
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyDoest Photography
City/CountryVlaardingen, Netherlands
Photo Date24-06-2013
Technical Info14mm / 1/400 @ f/11, ISO 400
Entry Description

In Svalbard reindeer must withstand up to nine months of snow cover and limited food availability. In wintertime the reindeer carcasses make up an important part of the arctic foxes' diet. The climate of Svalbard is changing. Summers and winters have been wetter and warmer. Rain-on-snow is an extreme situation that locks the deep-frozen arctic tundra under a sheet of ice. The ice keeps reindeer from grazing on their winter pastures. The result is that populations crash in the winter and spring after the extreme weather. In this situation, almost no reindeer carcasses will be available for foxes to eat during the following winter, mainly because the reindeer that survived the previous winter are stronger, and less reindeer are competing for the food that is available. The result is a deep reduction in the arctic fox numbers one year after the grazers die off.

About Photographer

Jasper Doest is a Dutch photographer who works at the intersection between man and the nature while creating visual stories that provide an insight in the non-human lives we share this planet with. As an ecology major Jasper knows human life depends on everything our planet has to offer, yet he recognises the unsustainable nature of the current human patterns of consumption. Through his photographic work he gives a voice to the natural world and tries to bridge the gap between the natural world and ourselves.