PhotographerLars Just
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryCopenhagen, Denmark
Photo Date28/8/2016
Entry Description

Getting up at 5.50 on a sunday morning would never have happened three months ago, but thanks to my newborn son Vilfred (requesting immediate assistance with his dirty rear end), I glimpsed this view from our window. The cloud moved over Copenhagen towards the rising sun, like a wave seen from underwater, lit from above by a dying moon. I had just time to grab my camera and shoot. Minutes later the scene was transformed into a dull gray day in the city as the first raindrops fell. The frequency of cloudbursts in Denmark has grown steadily since records began in 1874. A bad one in 2011 landed insurance companies with a $650 million bill for property damage. Copenhagen's Cloudburst Management Plan includes 300 climate adaption projects over the next 20 years.