The birth of the storm

PhotographerEurika Balsyte-Ojakoski
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryEspoo, Finland
Photo Date11.07.2016
Technical InfoCanon EOS 70D
Entry Description

The Baltic sea is the youngest sea in the World and according scientist the Wold’s largest dead zone suffocating sea. Lithuanian seaside shallow sandy shores are one of the most variable and most sensitive to environmental changes places on the earth. Baltic Sea level rises each year by about 6.5 mm. Coast abrasion intensity increases at the temperature of growth, which is mainly caused by our latitudes warm winter. Last time the Baltic Sea was frozen in 1963. The climate changing in middle latitudes increased cyclonic activity. There is a growing number of extreme situations when an unusually hot summer with ever more frequent storms with heavy rainfall. On 11 of July 2016 I had chance to observe the birth of Arcus cloud phenomenon next to Curonian Spit in Lithuania on 11.07.2016.Same day the natural disasters occurred with stormy rain and heavy hail over half of the Lithuania.

About Photographer

Eurika Balsyte-Ojakoski is eyewitness of disappearing time and amateur photographer. She was born in soviet Lithuania(1968), but graduated in independent Lithuania. According to her first education she is Art teacher (1992, M.Ed.), by second study field she is economist (2006, BBA). Now she is living in Finland. While science of discovering new things and teaching methods are changing constantly... However, art history, classical drawing and painting knowledge is timeless. She merges her art teacher, versatile work life background with her passion to photography and tries to answer the question: Where does the time go? Eurika likes to observe humans. The most interesting she found old people and unpredictable children. The most charming objects - ordinary wonders of daily routine and nature. Eurika appreciate so fragility and temporality because the natural diversity so broad that very often our imagination fails to surpass. When modern technology has a lot to beautify, she reminds about ordinary reality as simple as daily bread, pure spring water or fresh air after rain as well. In her spare time, Eurika photographs small wonders of daily routine as wildlife and urban life as well. Despite her dislikes of graffiti she takes photos of it and supports theory of broken windows.