Collecting Crabs

PhotographerKazi Riasat Alve
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyCounter Foto Chittagong
City/CountryChittagong, Bangladesh
Photo Date23/10/2014
Technical InfoShutter Speed: 1/1000, F/8
Entry Description

Majid Ali, a former farmer was on the way to the market after collecting crabs. He had cultivable lands but now his lands became uncultivable due to high salinity of the soil as saline water logged into his village for months after Cyclone Aila. Now he supports his family by selling crabs, shrimp larvae and fishes. Due to the effects of climate change cyclones are hitting more frequently and the aftermaths of these recurrent cyclones the lifestyle of coastal inhabitants changing drastically.

About Photographer

Kazi Riasat Alve was born in June 22 1990. At first he was a student of business school but serious passion about photography leaded him to become a photographer. He is interested in photographing social and humanitarian issues mainly. He completed mentorship of Saiful Huq Omi at Counter Foto and completed one year diploma program at the same institute. He also participated in workshops conducted by Philip Blenkinsop, Pieter Ten Hoopen, Giulio Di Struco, and Catherine Karnow.