Homeless Polar Bear

PhotographerJason van Bruggen
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryToronto, Canada
Photo DateJune 2015
Technical Infojpeg, 1000 pixels, 72 dpi
Entry Description

An unpublished image from a video and photography campaign I shot for Greenpeace in Amsterdam. This body of work anthropomorphizes Polar Bears and explores the notion of Polar Bears interacting on a more frequent basis with humans in urban environments as their habitat is threatened by global warming. This idea was informed by a true story that I came across while visiting Deline, a community in Canada's Northwest Territories. In 2008, a polar bear mother and two cubs made it as far south as Great Bear Lake (hundreds of kilometers from the Arctic Ocean). As habitat shrinks and food sources become scarce, more and more of examples of starving polar bear foraging beyond their range come to light.

About Photographer

Jason van Bruggen is a self-taught photographer and film-maker based in Canada. His work is focussed on depicting North American wilderness, including the Far North in a manner that is simultaneously authentic and narrative -- building new interpretations of these landscapes that have traditionally been the territory of clich├ęd notions of exploration and adventure. Favouring travel that brings him in direct contact with the frontier and those who inhabit it, Jason's immersive work seeks to explore these emerging landscapes that are now becoming the interest of foreign value, political maneuvering and business interests. His images capture the vulnerability of the ecosystems and the people who live within them, illuminating a tension between the strength and fragility of the region; the age old resolve to survive and the current intention to thrive in places where scarcity fosters incredible ingenuity, resilience and hospitality. Currently, his time is balanced between commercial film projects, advocacy and awareness campaigns and fine art projects. His work been featured and awarded in PDN, Applied Arts, Communication Arts and various shows around the world. Jason possesses a Masters Degree in History from Queen's University and is a Fellow International of the Explorers Club. He has travelled and worked in over 100 countries, including some of the most remote and austere locations on the planet. He holds valid EU and Canadian passports.